Simple Ways to Give a Gift of Kindness This Holiday

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Gift of Kindness

The holidays mark a time when many of us feel inspired to share the joy of the season by making a positive difference in the lives of others, especially those less fortunate. After all, it’s a great feeling to know that, in some small way, you’ve been able to lift someone’s spirit and maybe even inspired a bit of hope and encouragement. And one of the most powerful gifts we can give doesn’t have to cost a dime.

Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver. ~Barbara de Angelis

Have you ever noticed how lending a helping hand improves the tone of your whole day? Did you know that a single act of kindness can extend as far as three degrees of separation (friend of a friend, etc.), and also spreads laterally to affect an even greater number of people who come in contact with the original recipient of the gesture? Kindness truly creates a powerful domino effect. Can you imagine the difference it would make in the world if every person made room each day for even one meaningful act of kindness?!

The truth is most people are kind, it’s just that sometimes we get so caught up in overloaded schedules and the noise of day-to-day living that we forget to take the time to look around and see where we might offer a word of encouragement or lend a helping hand to lighten someone else’s load … even a little. So today, I’d like to share with you my annual list of ways to make a difference and challenge you to include a few random acts of kindness in the remaining days of the holiday season.

Some of these will be familiar, a few may spark an idea for a project of your own, and many represent opportunities for spreading kindness in the New Year.

Perhaps we’re too embarrassed to change or too frightened of the consequences of showing that we actually care. But why not risk it anyway? Begin today. Carry out a random act of seemingly senseless kindness, with no expectation or reward or punishment. Safe in the knowledge that one day, someone somewhere might do the same for you. -Princess Diana

The Gift of Kindness Holiday Challenge

Donate canned food to your local food bank. Many families are experiencing tough economic times and I think we all agree that no child should have to go to bed hungry. Grocery stores and libraries often set up boxes near their entrances for the holiday collection of canned goods and non-perishable items, and many schools run food drives during the holidays. Here’s a link to Second Harvest and a list of the types of food most needed.

Create a family tradition with your children by going through toys they no longer play with and donating them to charity or a needy family. This is also a good time to recycle cell phones and even unwanted or unused eye glasses. As simple as this may seem, these are things that can literally make a life altering difference to someone else.

There are also many opportunities to donate new toys and make wishes come true. Participating in these acts of kindness as a family instills in your children early on the giving spirit of the holiday season.

Support our men and women veterans.

Help shelter animals. Of course our first priority is to do our best to find “forever” homes for shelter animals, but in the meantime shelters can always use dog or cat food. Many food banks will take donations for shelters or you can go directly to your local humane society.

920x920And speaking of shelters, those concrete floors can get pretty hard and cold, especially during winter. Animal advocate Tracy Lystra who is one of our Everyday Heroes is sponsoring a fundraiser to provide raised beds for shelter animals and they’ve already been able to purchase 60 elevated beds and 300 blankets for local shelters.

If you’d like to learn more about Tracy’s project or contribute you can visit her GoFundMe page or follow her on Facebook at Saving Huey.  (I encourage you to visit Huey’s page, just please be aware that while you’ll find no shortage of inspiring stories and images, Tracy is on a critical mission to end dog fighting and pulls no punches when it comes to the facts and images she shares about this cruel sport.)

Become a Blanketeer. Do you knit or enjoy making quilts? Consider becoming a “Blanketeer” for Project Linus. Their mission is to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill or traumatized through the gifts of new, handmade blankets, quilts and afghans, lovingly created by volunteers.

Write notes of appreciation. Yes, actually use real pen and paper to write a note of appreciation to people you regularly come in contact with who don’t normally receive recognition … teachers, cafeteria workers, janitors, doctors, nurses, your pastor, and especially the mailman!

I alone cannot change the world. But I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. ~Mother Teresa

Reach out to someone who’s elderly, sick or alone.

  • Pay a local teenager to mow someone’s yard who is elderly, disabled or sick.
  • Help shovel snow for an elderly neighbor OR if there’s no snow, offer to buy groceries for them so they don’t have to go out into the cold.
  • Give a phone card. Perhaps you know a poor student or senior citizen who is struggling to pay their bills. The gift of a phone card will help them keep in touch with their loved ones and brighten their holidays.
  • If you’re really brave, offer to take someone Christmas shopping!

Participate in a collection drive. We’re all familiar with food and toy drives but there are other types of drives we can support or sponsor.

  • Winter coat drive. Many local churches and schools collect winter coats for adults and children to donate to needy families.
  • Another option is a blanket drive for the homeless, needy families and elderly.

Give a “Just Because” gift. The next time you’re at the grocery store, include a small bunch of flowers in your order and after you’ve paid for your things, give the flowers to the person behind you in line. This has happened to me twice and it was such an amazing feeling that I now do it myself from time to time just to see the look on the recipients face!

Bake treats for service personnel.  Local police officers, firemen and EMT staff work odd shifts and miss out on a lot of family time due to their jobs. Recognizing their great service to the community with a thank you and holiday baked goodies would be a touching reward.

Women’s shelters and youth and family services. Landing in a shelter for victims of abuse at any time is heartbreaking, but especially so during the holiday season. Donations such as toys for the children and toiletries for the women are especially welcome this time of year. A great group activity is to collect a quantity of sample size toiletries, make-up and even fragrance samples and make small holiday gift bags.

Visit a senior resident home. Some residents of senior homes have no family to visit them on a regular basis. Taking the time to bring them a baked item or sugar-free candy canes this holiday is a gesture they will greatly appreciate. If you belong to a church group that’s planning to go Christmas caroling consider including senior shut-ins.

Offer to babysit. It’s challenging enough to managing shopping when you have small children, but this time of year can create even more headaches. You could offer a couple hours of free babysitting to young parents who may not have the money to pay a sitter.

Invite a loner to your house: Why not invite a coworker or neighbor who has no one to celebrate with to your home for the holidays? Your selfless invitation will mean the world to that person.

Give a virtual thank you. If you spend much time online chances are you follow at least a few blogs. Why not take a moment to leave a comment letting these hard working bloggers know you’ve enjoyed their articles and thank them for the inspiration, advice or whatever they’ve contributed to your life.

What would Christmas be without the Salvation Army’s red buckets and the ringing bells?! All those small donations add up to enable the Salvation Army to assist countless needy families, the homeless and the elderly.

Like more ideas? Read Do We Really Need a Holiday to Remind us to Be Kind and check out this great Pinterest board packed with ideas for acts of kindness –  Holiday Service Projects and Acts of Kindness.

Of course there is one other thing we can do … we can resolve to be kinder, not just during the holidays, but every day of the year. If we do this, we will be doing our part to create a world in which kindness is not merely a selfless act reserved for the holiday season, but rather a way of life.

I’d love to hear from you! Please consider sharing acts of kindness that you’ve received or kindnesses that you’ve instigated in the comments section below.

Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become.
About Marquita Herald

Marquita Herald

Marquita is an author, resilience coach and the chief evangelist at Emotionally Resilient Living. She’s also an unapologetic workaholic who loves red wine, rock n’ roll, road trips (and car dancing!), peanut butter cookies and (especially) a dog named Lucy.

She’s saddened and frustrated by excuses and cruelty and believes authentic compassion is the most powerful force in the world.

To learn more about Marquita and the mission of Emotionally Resilient Living  click here.

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Devin

    Great article! I also enjoyed reading the comments! People are so kind. I liked the phrasing, “Invite a loner to your house” haha, that’s half my circle of friends 🙂

  2. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed the post Steve. I also enjoyed your article about tiny houses – some of them are really beautiful!

  3. Great ideas for giving back during the holiday season. Our veterans are so important. Thanks for sharing.
    Steve Miller recently posted…Is the Tiny House movement for you?My Profile

  4. That sounds like a wonderful project Kimba. I’ve never been to Arlington during the holidays but I can imagine what it must have looked like when all of the wreaths were in place and it must have been amazing. Thank you so much for honoring our veterans, and for taking the time to share and contribute to the conversation. 🙂

  5. What a wonderful story Jeannette! Thank you so much for sharing, and I could not agree more with you about the police. We rarely get to hear about the silent majority of law enforcement officers who take seriously their mission to protect and serve. The truth is there are good and bad people in every field, in every culture, in every country, and if we were to make more of an effort to recognize that we might actually be able to shift the balance back toward a little more compassion in the world. Thanks!

  6. Kimba

    Marty, I love all of your ideas. Last weekend my husband and I helped lay wreaths at Arlington National cemetery (Hubs is a vet). So many volunteers came out, the entire cemetery was covered with wreaths in less than 3 hours . Did my heart good to see everyone pitching in to honor those who served their country.
    Kimba recently posted…2016: The Year of the Great ShedMy Profile

  7. Marquita — I’ve already donated to a local food drive and a veteran’s organization. It feels good to be kind, especially during the holiday season. A couple of years ago I had mixed feelings about donating my cashmere coat to the local drive. I loved it but really didn’t wear it anymore. I thought maybe I would bring it to a consignment shop, but then I finally decided to bring it to my local police precinct, which was a collection drop. When I walked in the young policeman on duty took me to the bin and turned to me and said, “God bless you for donating your coat. There are so many people who could use it.” I left there walking on air, realizing that of course I had done the right thing. In this time of people criticizing the police, it is important to remember there are good and kind police officers, too.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…The Downside of the Decline of Blogging Among the Fortune 500My Profile

  8. Those sound like terrific projects Molly. That’s why I always encourage people to check with their local churches to see where they might contribute to projects already under way. Thanks for sharing and contributing to the conversation!

  9. I’m glad you found value in the post Beverley and I know that any support you can send Tracy’s way will be greatly appreciated. She is so passionate about helping animals she’s always been an inspiration to me … oh, she happens to be my niece. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to share and contribute to the conversation!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing Diane and what wonderful gifts! I’m a huge fan of KIVA and it’s so exciting following along to see how your donations help others build stronger lives. 🙂

  11. Glad you enjoyed it Sue. You know I’ve been wanting to adopt a soldier for awhile now and the only thing that’s held me back is as an ‘extreme’ introvert I have never been good at just chatting with people so I’m not really sure what I’d write, but maybe this is the year to push through that excuse. 🙂

  12. Glad you enjoyed the post Millen, and there is no question helping others, in whatever way we choose to do it, does feel good. It doesn’t have to be complicated, even something as simple as extending a heartfelt “Thank you” can make a positive difference in someone’s day.

  13. Thank you so much for your kind words Dana and for sharing your story about the letting you wrote to your Grandmother. It made me think of my late-grandmother-in-law and how such has always been such an inspiration to me. The truth is there is so much more kindness in this world than evil, and yet the bad news and evil deeds people do dominate our news day-after-day. All we can do is try to share the good things people do as much as possible to offer a bit of encouragement here and there. 🙂

  14. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Dana. The original Pay It Forward group had a Facebook page for awhile and I was stunned at how active the group was and how every single day people came up with ways to PIF. There’s so much more of this going on that most people realize, I wish the “good” things people do got half as much media coverage as the bad. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Rose I love that idea! Thank you so much for sharing, it’s yet another example of how the greatest gifts we can give are our time and creativity. 🙂 If you have a photo of your snowmen I’d love it if you would share it on Facebook so I could share it with those who’ve enjoyed the article. 🙂

  16. So glad you enjoyed the post Stella, and thank you for your excellent point about including ourselves in giving kindness. 🙂

  17. Glad you enjoyed the post Kathy. When I first looked into Project Linus I was surprised at how many chapters they have, and yes even here in Hawaii. It really is a great cause and perfect project now that the weather has finally cooled. Thanks!

  18. I’m so glad you found value in the post Steve, and your post is inspiring as well. Your reference to cooking for a family in need reminded me of another idea that I’ve used in the past. Many of the grocery stores offer specials where you can buy a whole pre-cooked meal for Christmas and a few times in the past I’ve ordered these meals and taken them to our women’s shelter so the “guests” don’t have to cook on the holiday. Thanks again, for your kind words and for contributing to the conversation. 🙂

  19. Thank you for sharing this wonderful quotation William, and for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed the post!

  20. Great post. I have many opportunities to help those less fortunate through missions our church supports – clothing, food, diapers for young mothers, Christmas gifts for local families – to name a few. It is a wonderful feeling to offer a helping hand and hope. There are so many who are living on the edge and need support.

  21. These are all beautiful and heartfelt ways to share yourself and give to others, Marquita. Thanks for the wonderful list. As an animal lover, I especially love Tracey’s project for shelter animals. I am heading to her GoFundMe page right after this. Of course, random acts of kindness anytime always offer both the giver and the receiver great rewards. A lovely list of possibilities in a world where we often are preoccupied with all our own “stuff”. I believe here is more than enough to go around and share with others. Many thanks and wishing a joyful holiday season to you.

  22. Marty, what a heartfelt post. As I see from the responses you struck a cord with your readers. A while ago I stopped automatic donation renewals so I can be more conscious about who I’m writing the check to. A Christmas tradition I love is that my 14 yr old nephew and 16 yr old niece decided a few years ago that they wanted donations instead of presents from me. I try to make it kid friendly – something they might relate to. This year I make a donation to Oxfam – one got chicks and the other goats.
    Diane Howell Topkis recently posted…Beware of the Mall Hustler – Nothing is FreeMy Profile

  23. Sue Kearney says:

    Thanks so much for compiling this. I think I might adopt a soldier.

    May the turn of the wheel bring blessings — happy holidays.
    Sue Kearney recently posted…The gifts in the silenceMy Profile

  24. Millen

    Giving is a new getting… There is some magic about giving and helping others – you get as much from it as the person who receives your gifts… Sometimes it is simply acknowledging another person makes a difference in his/her day… When I write checks to my charities, it FEELS good… Thank you, Marquita, for bringing this topic into focus during the holiday season.

  25. Dana

    Hi Marquita,

    I LOVE the idea about writing letters of appreciation.

    My grandmother had her 90th birthday earlier this year and told us not to get her any gifts. So instead, I wrote her a letter just letting her know how much I admired her and genuinely liked her company.

    She appreciated this, and I enjoyed writing it.

    I know that most of us are kind and decent people. It’s those concerns of our own survival that tend to get in the way of things and render us too stressed or worried about ourselves to think about others.

    Truth be told though…simply being kind and compassionate is a remedy for these things – and you are absolutely correct when you say that doing this extends to other people and areas that we aren’t even aware of.

    I appreciate you Marquita. I hope you enjoy the rest of the year and I look forward to being part of your community next year 🙂
    Dana recently posted…The Magic of CreativityMy Profile

  26. I believe the path to happiness lies in being a blessing to others. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful list! I loved your story about giving flowers to the person behind you in line at the store. Several times I have been in the fast food drive through and the person in front of me has paid for my meal with a simple note of “pay it forward.” I have started doing it now too and I always love to imagine the smile on the person’s face when they reach the window and realize their breakfast has been gifted to them by me! 🙂 Puts a smile on MY face, too!

    I also especially appreciate you including the shelter dogs in your list. I worked for our county animal shelter and those beds like the one you have pictured make a huge difference in the lives of these animals. As a proud mom to 5 rescue dogs I am always happy when the plight of homeless animals is brought to the forefront. Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas!

  27. A friend and I did a really fun thing for one of the local nursing homes this Christmas. There was an angel tree at her church and among the requested gifts like lotions, was a request from the director for any sort of a fun little thing. My friend found a video for making snowmen out of socks and rice. We made 100 of them out of both adult and children’s socks! Her mother sewed bells on the hats and her sister in law painted faces (with carrot noses!) and buttons.

    I’m happy to say these silly looking things delighted everyone.

    Now, what to make for Valentine’s Day…
    Great, thoughtful blog, Marquita!

  28. Stella Chiu

    Hi, Marquita

    We are in the Season of Giving. Love and kindness are the best things to give out to others. It not only lights up the ones who receive, but we as givers will be blessed as in Barbara de Angelis’s quote. However, I believe the givers will be rewarded with blessings more than we give out (according to natural law of sowing and reaping).

    Glad that you were providing sources for giving such as “Holiday Service Projects and Acts of Kindness”. Many people like to give but do not know where to go. Now we don’t have any excuses. When we think deeper, the act of kindness and love should not be just in Christmas Season. It should be our daily actions. Also it is vital we need to give kindness and love to ourselves first. Until we do that, we can give love and kindness to others.

    Excellent post as always, Happy Holidays!

    Stella Chiu
    Stella Chiu recently posted…The differences between the Oriental Medicine and Western MedicineMy Profile

  29. Kathy Andrew

    This is the perfect time of year to help people. It’s really fun to give one’s time, and yet somehow its easy to put off. Thanks for listing Project Linus – it looks like a great project & there is a local chapter. Happy Holidays to you and your family:-)
    Kathy Andrew recently posted…Have you #Read My Two favorite #Books from 2015?My Profile

  30. What a great list of ways to leave simple acts of kindness. Happy Holidays, we appreciate you!
    Steve Miller recently posted…Want to impact Someone’s Holiday? 10 ways to do itMy Profile

  31. William Rusho

    What a great post about kindness. This is the time of year that we should show more compassion. I have used this quote from the Christmas carol Good King Wenceslas several times this year already: “Therefore, Christian men, be sure, wealth or rank possessing, Ye who now will bless the poor, shall yourselves find blessing.”
    Thanks for sharing your post.

  32. maxwell ivey

    hi marquita; thanks for sharing such a great post. glad to hear my headline peaked your curiosity. I know if I had been doing my usual blog commenting more people would have watched listened or read it. looking forward to your thoughts. thanks again and have a merry christmas max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…Live on the inside with Alex Okoroji’s the naked talk the anniversary showMy Profile

  33. Ah Starbucks drive-thru … maybe one day we’ll have one on our little Island. Anyway, that’s a great gesture Jeri and I have a feeling there are more people who “pay it forward” than we realize. Thanks for sharing, and I know you’re taking some time off over the holidays so wishing you all the best and look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

  34. Welcome Maxwell and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I must admit I’m intrigued by your post about the ice tray challenge and definitely plan to pay you a visit!

  35. That’s an act of kindness I’ve enjoyed on more than a few occasions myself Doreen – both on the giving and receiving end. When my Ex and I separated it was just weeks before Christmas and while it was long overdue that didn’t make the timing any easier. Friends from work invited me to their home for Christmas and I almost didn’t go but in the end decided to take them up on the invite and I was SO glad I did. It was a wonderful evening and I made several new friends. I’ve tried to follow their example whenever I have the opportunity. Thanks for sharing!

  36. That’s a great gift Sabrina and a good example of how easy it is to spread goodwill, not just now but year round. It’s funny about the flower thing, after writing about it yesterday I was really in the mood to do it so I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things and I don’t think I have ever seen the place so empty! Even Santa’s helper from the Salvation Army was missing from the front of the store. Talk about deflated! I plan to give it another try Friday when the place is usually mobbed. Thanks for taking the time to share Sabrina! 🙂

  37. What a wonderful project Ken and I hear you about how those wishes can really tug at your heart. Your point about how man kids take some of these things for granted is why I always like to encourage people to make these projects a family affair to create awareness and the habit of giving early on. Thanks so much for sharing and contributing to the conversation!

  38. Glad you enjoyed the post Phoenicia and I appreciate your comment about giving the ‘best.” In my experiencing chairing our local food drive I found some people use the occasion to clear out their pantries and sadly some of the items we received had to be tossed because they were outdated or simply not appropriate. That’s why I always include a link to the list of foods that are needed most to hopefully steer well meaning people in the right direction. Thanks for sharing and contributing to the conversation. 🙂

  39. And I’m actually glad you enjoyed the post and appreciate you taking the time to contribute to the conversation Lea. 🙂

  40. So glad you found value in the post Mark! And you are so right about there being so many ways we can make a difference in this world, and so many cost nothing but time and a little compassion. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to contribute to the conversation. 🙂

  41. Those are wonderful activities Leora and I am sure well appreciated. Thanks so much for taking the time to share!

  42. What a terrific project Erica – good for you! I’ll be honest, until I became more involved in my niece’s work with rescue animals I had no idea so many people foster animals in transition to helping them find a “forever home”. I hope you find a wonderful home for those little guys!

  43. Glad you enjoyed the post Dave, and the list was in fact compiled intentionally to include both short and long-term opportunities. And you are spot on yourself about creating a habit out of doing good, in fact I’ve found that once you do it a few times it really becomes quite addictive. 🙂 Thanks Dave!

  44. Jeri

    I’m a big fan of the random gift idea. I tend to do things like pay for the next coffee when I’m at the Starbucks drive-thru. I’ve never bought anyone a meal, but when I waited tables I had a few customers do so. They tended to pick someone who was dining alone. When the person found out their meal had been paid for they were always happy with varying degrees of tears of joy. Just the smallest act of kindness can go so far.

  45. maxwell ivey

    Hi Marquita; This is a wonderful post. Its the kind of reminder we can use the whole year round. I did a post last month about small gestures but I could have used some of your suggestions. 🙂 I did follow the interest board. and one thing I was thinking of while reading is how now days those small acts of kindness are or can be magnified by the internet. I mean most nights on the news you get a story of kindness that went viral because of twitter youtube instagram etc. love the flowers idea too. thanks for sharing and have a merry Christmas max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…My ice tray challenge the value of performing small acts of kindnessMy Profile

  46. I’m so glad you’ve got my favourite act of kindness in your list, Marty. I always invite single people to my holiday gatherings, as often, they are alone and feeling left out of the holiday spirit. Too often, people get so wrapped up in their own ‘family’ activities and obligations that they forget those who are deprived of a welcoming family network.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…accommodation options for Puerto VallartaMy Profile

  47. Sabrina Quairoli

    This is wonderful, Marquita! I love the idea about buying flowers at the grocery store and giving it to the person behind. I like to bake cookies for the holidays and give them out to friends. They appreciate it and it’s fun to make with the whole family.
    Sabrina Quairoli recently posted…Holiday Card OrganizationMy Profile

  48. Ken Dowell

    I participate in a program at the local YMCA whereby we decorate a tree and hang ornaments on it with gifts that are requested by needy families (arranged through the local school system). It always is heart-breaking to see what some of the children ask for. I got one from a 12-year old girl who just wanted a sweatshirt with the name of her school on it, something many of the kids in her school no doubt take for granted.

  49. Phoenicia

    Kindness costs us nothing and can make the world of difference to someone. Everyone wants to feel loved and valued despite what they may display to the outside world.

    I like your suggestions about donating food and toys to those who are struggling. I am a great believer in giving nothing but the best and items/food you would appreciate.
    Phoenicia recently posted…Are you drowning in paperwork at home?My Profile

  50. Lea Bullen

    Hi Marquita,

    Helping people out does have a funny way of enhancing your entire day.

    You description reminds me of a commerical where one person does something nice for one person and it just continues on, they do one for another and that person carries it on to the next and so on. It’s really cute and reminds us how little things that you do can contribute to a better society.

    I actually donated food to a local food bank just before Thanksgiving. Actually it’s something that I’ve been doing for the last few years. I’m glad to see that’s on your list.

    Lea Bullen recently posted…Are You Feeding Yourself This Bologna???My Profile

  51. Mark

    What a truly inspirational post Marquita!

    You have shared so many incredibly thoughtful and creative ways, to display various acts of kindness! No matter who we are and what our current status is! And I’ll be the first to admit, when I add several of them in some future post, I’ll gladly link to this incredibly heartfelt post!

    Isn’t amazing, what an incredibly positive impact we can all have in some form or another, when our hearts are in the right place? And we’re moved and sincerely motivated to do so!

    Thanks you for sharing so many deserving resources, and for writing such a truly inspiring post!

    I’m definitely sharing this one!
    Mark recently posted…Why It’s Critically Important Savvy Entrepreneurs Know The Real Cost To Acquire A Customer!My Profile

  52. Leora

    Marquita, these are all wonderful ideas. In the past, we have helped with the local food bank. I often try to invite newcomers or single people to our home. And we have wonderful people in our community who have helped our own family in the past.

  53. Erica says:

    A great list on how to express kindness. There is really something there for everyone. I’m actually in the middle of helping a rescue animal as I type. I rescued 2 kittens back in October. We haven’t really gotten any assistance from animal rescues (somehow, once you’ve trapped the animal, they don’t see the animal as being in need anymore.) I just got the kitties into their carriers which is quite a feat when you are dealing with recently socialized animals. In about a half hour I will take them to get fixed. Think good thoughts for us that they find a good home as we live in a small apartment with a dog and can’t keep them.

  54. Dave

    Your suggestions are spot on, as usual Marty 😉

    But, there is one thing in this article that really resonates with me. And it’s something we can use at this time of year to help us along. It seems like the world and the holiday season conspire to give us plenty of opportunities for kindness at this time of the year.

    If we choose to accept those opportunities and act with kindness towards others, we are able to make it a habit that extends well beyond the holiday season and into the new year where it becomes a way of life instead of a temporary act.

    Thanks, as always, for your kind thoughts and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016!

  55. Thank you for your kind words Christine and especially for letting me know my post inspired you – it’s what I live for! Warmest wishes to you for the holidays. 🙂

  56. Christine Larsen

    Hallo again Marquita,
    I’m going to follow Lenie’s lead and copy your wonderful suggestions – and pick up on her idea to ‘keep on keeping on’ with them through the year. Brilliant thoughts by all. Thank you and I don’t even have to hope you have happy times ahead – your Karma must be as strong as anyone’s can be – for all good things to come your way.

  57. Oh that’s a wonderful resolution Lenie and I’m thrilled that my little list inspired you to make it! Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing you all the best for the holiday season. 🙂

  58. I truly applaud what you’re doing Catarina and agree with you about the need to lend a helping hand to refugees, in particular from Syria. Unfortunately there is going to be no quick fix on our end. For better or worse until the powers that be can come to terms with the fear mongers it’s going to be up to individuals to extend compassion and understanding whenever we have the opportunity. Thanks so much for contributing to the conversation. 🙂

  59. Lenie

    Marquita, these are wonderful suggestions and I am printing them off because one of the things I find is that we make the effort at Christmas time which is wonderful but if we could apply one of your suggestions on a weekly basis, what a difference we could make.
    I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions but this is one I’m going to make. One kind action a week.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  60. Catarina says:

    Kindness is so important and your suggestions are great, Marquita.

    What I do is teach Swedish and how society works to asylum seekers, above all from Syria. These people have fled from hell on earth. Imagine being between being barrell bombed by Assad and ISIS. They then walked through the Balkans to get to Northern Europe. It’s very rewarding to help them and I truly wish the United States would show kindness towards them by following in Canada’s footsteps and take more refugees from Syria. They are educated people, just like you and me, that used to be successful but now have lost everything they had, including people close to them.
    Catarina recently posted…CSR & Sustainability – capitalism at its bestMy Profile

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