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The Power Within You

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Belief in your power and authority to rise above your challenges and choose a path that positively affects your circumstances is an absolutely essential ingredient to develop a sense of ownership of your life. 

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    Every time you do the right thing, even when no one is watching, your power grows a little.
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    Every time you take responsibility or make a better decision, your power grows a little. 
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    Every time you face your fears, your power grows and you become a little more confident, a little more competent and a little more resilient to life's challenges.

In this guide you will learn:

Our Love-Hate Relationship

With few exceptions, women have always had a love-hate relationship with power. Throughout history we've fought to be empowered, yet we're reluctant to embrace or exercise the power we have within us to develop a sense of ownership of our lives.

Genuine Personal Power

Genuine personal power is not about attempting to control or manipulate others. It is a mindset and approach to living based on the desire for self-determination, confidence, values, integrity, realistic optimism and service. 

How We Give Our Power Away

If you're not feeling very powerful now it's likely because you've been giving your power away in an effort to be needed or liked, or maybe you just never knew there was another way.  But who you have been, is not who you have to be!

No Quick Fixes Here

Personal power is not a skill, it increases gradually by making intentional choices. With each challenge you face you gain a little confidence, trust, and self-respect, in the process discovering just how powerful you really are!

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