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I created this guide to Resilient Living to provide an overview of what it takes to build a strong and resilient life.  

The theme of pathways represents a key defining characteristic of the highly resilient individual, a passion for self-determination that includes creating their own path in life.

They believe that no matter what obstacles or detours they may encounter, if they just keep going, they will find – or make – a way.

Often what prevents people from developing this mindset is the widely held misconception that we each have a particular path in life and we will only be truly fulfilled when we find it.

Some people will spend a lifetime on that search.

When they can’t find that one right path, they try another and another until they eventually become discouraged and give up and just try to do the best that they can with whatever life happens to send their way.

If there is only ONE thing you take away from finding Emotionally Resilient Living, I want it to be the knowledge that there is no right path; there isn’t even a wrong path.

There is only your path, and it’s up to YOU to create it.

It may not lead to the place you originally intended to go, in fact it may lead to an entirely new reality, but it may well turn out to be far better than you ever could have imagined.

Your Guide to Resilient Living

In the following 5 sections you will find an overview (the big picture) of attitudes, skills and behaviors that combine to help you a confident and resilient life.

Each page in the library includes links to relevant articles for further reading and guidance.

Your Path to Resilient Living

There will be a path to achieving anything worthwhile. There will also be detours and obstacles on that path and they will either show you the way, or stop you in your tracks. The good news is you get to choose.

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Build an Unshakable Foundation

In the same way a building needs a sturdy foundation that can survive time and the elements, you need a strong personal foundation to provide the stability and confidence you need to hold up under whatever challenges life sends your way.

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Adaptability: From Surviving to Thriving


The ability to adapt and be open to new ways of being is a key component of resilient living and a profound process because it challenges you to have a growth-oriented mindset, master your emotions, make peace with fear and uncertainty, and if not embrace, at least learn to manage change.

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Master Your Emotions

Master Your Emotions

Our emotions are the most present, vital and sometimes painful response to living. learning to accept and own your emotions allows you to be vulnerable in a way that fosters self-trust, compassion and confidence.

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Mind-Body-Spirit Resilience through Self-Care


Authentic self-care is not a quick fix, it is a whole way of looking at life, a whole way of living. it’s creating the rituals and habits that will care for your long-term physical, mental and emotional health.

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Resilient living is about so much more than the ability to recover from adversity, it is a dynamic way of living that puts you square in the driver’s seat of your life journey.

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