Stepping Stones: Self Motivation

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External motivation can go a long way toward helping you build a positive attitude and outlook on life, but the reality is that when it comes to pushing your way through challenging times or achieving your dreams and goals you are not always going to find the support and encouragement you need from other people.  So rather than waiting around for someone else to encourage you – or kick your butt to get you going – take the time to learn a few basic self motivation skills so that you can occasionally kick your own butt.

Stepping Stones Motivation


This is part of a special limited “Stepping Stone” series set to run through October and represents a collection of life lessons designed to inspire you to tap into your passion, purpose and inner strength.

Master your mindset and embrace ALL life’s challenges and opportunities!

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Marquita HeraldI’m Resilient Living Specialist, author and publisher with over 20 years experience as a trainer and award winning life and small business coach. I’m also a Maui girl, Introvert and lover of wine, road trips, peanut butter cookies and a dog named Lucy. Learn more about the ERL Mission.

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8 Reader Comments

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  1. Marquita

    What a great quote, and you are right you really need to believe in it. Thanks for Sharing Andy
    Andy Lockhart recently posted…How to Use MITS Pages Lead Capture PagesMy Profile

  2. Dave

    Great quote Marty! I think the most important word in this image, for me at least, is ‘BELIEVE’.

    It is easy to utter words of encouragement to yourself. It’s allowing them to crack that outer shell and seep into the essence of our being that is sometimes so difficult. Once we allow the words to sink, and we truly believe them, that is when the magic occurs. I had one of those a-ha moments this weekend on a front very similar to this quote. Thank you for reaffirming my positive experience 😉
    Dave recently posted…AmoreMy Profile

  3. Heather

    I LOVE this graphic! I struggle with motivation sometimes, so I put reminders up. These help remind me why I want to get to work!
    Heather recently posted…{GIVEAWAY} Look Great for a 1D ConcertMy Profile

  4. Marquita,

    Our mindset is so important sometimes to our belief system. I love that quote. It truly comes from within! We first have to receive it then believe it! Thank you for sharing.
    Nathaniel Kidd recently posted…One Frugal Saving Secret is to Take Baby StepsMy Profile

  5. Self-motivation skills are so important to success. They have to be practiced daily. I’m sure you have heard the Zig Ziglar quote about bathing.
    Sebastian Aiden Daniels recently posted…Four Benefits of JournalingMy Profile

  6. Mark

    That is simply an awesome quote Marquita!

    Fun how the simplest most powerful and empowering truths are!

    And you nailed it! You’ve got to work extremely hard on that inner voice! And learn to trust what it tells us!

    Turns out the super hero we crave! Is already inside us! just waiting to be freed!

    Great post and thanks for sharing! And yes, I’ll definitely help pass the word about this one!
    Mark recently posted…You Do Know How Your Long Term Profits Are Being Cannibalized Right?My Profile

  7. Shanthi

    Hi Marquita,
    Its really awesome post about motivation, i will follow all the points what you described in this post , all the very best for your upcoming posts in this blog.
    Shanthi recently posted…The Clock and the CompassMy Profile

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