What do you want the New Year to be about?

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The Power of Focus

What the New Year Brings to You, Will Depend in Large Part on What YOU Bring to the New Year!

Why Resilience Matters

Ask anyone about resilience and they’ll likely say that it’s the ability to "bounce back" from a crisis. But contrary to popular belief, resilience isn’t something that you store in a closet for a rainy day.

After more than six decades of ongoing studies, researchers have considerably broadened their perspective on the value of resilience as a powerful combination of skills and behaviors that can benefit you every single day.

Specifically, highly resilient people are said to have a greater sense of control over the quality of their own life, tend to be healthier and live longer, are more successful in school and work, are happier in relationships and are less prone to depression.

The notion of bouncing forward may seem like simple wordplay, but it is actually a very important shift in mindset from recovery to prevention, from coping to thriving.

When you focus on growing forward it enables you to remain open to finding opportunities for growth and fulfillment in ALL of your experiences!

Is Resilient Living Right For You?

There are no shortcuts to increasing your capacity for resilience, in every way that matters it’s a lifestyle choice.

The honest truth is most people will be content to face each stressor, stumbling block and detour as it comes, assuming that the internal resources they need will always be there, and many times they are, more or less.

But the issue isn’t whether or not you are capable of managing life’s challenges, it's about choosing not to settle for living day-after-day reacting to whatever fate happens to throw your way, but rather accepting the power and authority you have to determine the course and quality of your life journey.

This way of living may sound too good to be true, but it’s not only possible, it is well within your ability to achieve, and you’ll find the insights, resources, and inspiration to help you at Emotionally Resilient Living.

The real power behind this approach isn't the “theme” at all, but rather how you choose to focus the energy behind what that theme means to you.

W​hat's in the Guide?

This is the third year I’ve offered this little guide to creating a theme for the New Year and each new edition has been updated with lessons learned along the way.

What I see a LOT of people do is grabbing a word or theme for the New Year out of thin air because it sounds good in the moment but then never actually take the time to connect it to purpose, priorities or actions.

The obvious mission of this guide is to provide you with a simple but effective process to help you focus on what you want 2018 to be about.

The less obvious (but more important) purpose is to encourage you to begin thinking of yourself as the driver in your life journey by becoming more intentional about the choices you make each day.

At just 27 pages The Power of Focus is neither long nor complicated – which is really the whole point of this strategy - but it’s packed with real world advice that is backed by my own experiences.

You’ll find a step by step guide to selecting a theme that aligns with your priorities and values, how to use triggers to help you stay motivated and tips on how to avoid common stumbling blocks so you can stick with your intentions and accomplish more of the stuff that really matters.

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