The Rewards Are Priceless for Those Who Persevere

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Dare to PersevereImagine you are on the last stretch of a long journey. In your heart you know there are enormous rewards for reaching your destination, for winning your hard fought battle.

The problem is the end isn’t quite in sight yet and your spirit is wavering, in fact, your entire body is aching and crying out desperately to just give up already. What made you think you could do this in the first place?

You’ve reached a crucial turning point. You can give in, comfort yourself with the knowledge that at least you tried, and let nature take its course. Or you can choose to dig deeper into your inner reserve to muster a second wind and keep going to reach your desired outcome.

Turning Impossible into Possible Begins With the Will to Persevere

Perseverance is a constant theme among those who have overcome significant obstacles in their lives. It’s that stick-to-itiveness; having the internal drive that keeps them from quitting when the road gets tough, that ultimately makes the biggest difference.

Unfortunately, persistence is not terribly sexy. It’s the daily, weekly, monthly grind of self-discipline, of slogging through the mud when we feel like just giving up.

The truth of life is that pretty much everything is a little harder and takes a little longer than we think or hope it will, and that includes negotiating our way through adversity and life changes of all shapes and sizes.

Some view perseverance as a personality characteristic, and while it’s safe to assume we all exhibit at least some of this trait, many of us fail to develop it to its full potential. Fortunately, it is well within the power of each of us to cultivate perseverance the way we would any other habit.

In order to understand your current level of perseverance, you might ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I finish what I begin?
  • How often do I feel defeated before I even try?
  • Do others say I give up too quickly?
  • Am I able to stay focused on my goals, or am I easily distracted?

It’s extremely important to understand that perseverance does not mean trying the same approach over and over again until you succeed. It’s about staying focused on your goal while learning from experiences and modifying your approach accordingly until you achieve the desired outcome.

Adversity and perseverance can shape you. They can give you a value and a self-esteem that is priceless. ~Scott Hamilton

5 Strategies to Cultivate the Habit of Perseverance

  • Be clear about your purpose. Whether you are tackling a major stretch-goal or facing a life changing situation, being grounded in a purpose larger than yourself will give you the internal strength to persevere.
  • Set realistic expectations. Just like you should not underestimate the difficulty of the journey you are about to take, neither should you underestimate its length. Acknowledge even small successes and celebrate milestones along the way to stay energized and moving forward.
  • Be inspired by other people’s stories. Find your heroes … read stories about people who have overcome similar life challenges and thrived as a result of the experiences.
  • Learn to adapt and keep things in perspective. Learning to keep smaller day-to-day challenges in perspective makes it so much easier to avoid unnecessary stress should you find yourself suddenly in the midst of a crisis.
  • Develop self-motivation strategies. Regardless of the level of external encouragement, you may enjoy, true motivation is an internal force. It’s not that those near and dear won’t be supportive, but they can’t always be there motivating you just when you need it most.

Think of all the brilliant examples you’ve read over the years of successful and noteworthy individuals who have overcome great obstacles. The tendency is to focus on their ultimate achievements, but if you read their stories you’ll find most went through the wringer of perspiration and effort. Their determination may have wavered, and they more than likely stumbled a few times along the way, but sparked by inspiration, belief and vision they had the will to persevere until one day their dream became a reality.

Whatever challenges you may face in life, cultivating the habits of perseverance and emotional resilience now will help you to stay strong and guide you on your journey to achieve your hopes and dreams.

Your turn. Can you think of a time when you were able to dig deep and get your second wind to go on and achieve an important goal?

Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become.
About Marquita Herald

Marquita Herald

Marquita is an author, resilience coach and the chief evangelist at Emotionally Resilient Living. She’s also an unapologetic workaholic who loves red wine, rock n’ roll, road trips (and car dancing!), peanut butter cookies and (especially) a dog named Lucy.

She’s saddened and frustrated by excuses and cruelty and believes authentic compassion is the most powerful force in the world.

To learn more about Marquita and the mission of Emotionally Resilient Living  click here.


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32 Reader Comments

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  1. Sarupa Shah says:

    It is about not seeing failure and being on the adventure and as you say being clear on purpose, I always say my BIG WHY is my guiding light to how…! thanks as ever Marquita, I just love popping over and reading your wisdom!
    Sarupa Shah recently posted…3 Heart centered marketing truths…!My Profile

  2. I had to return to add some interesting observation. My sister, older and wiser has made it clear through much debate. Women, are more in-touch with the emotional side of all situations.

    That brings me to reading all the comments on this site. She was so right and that is why the winning of the debate was hers.

    I could not be persistent in this matter, anymore than I have. If you keep going until you get it right. Then you are being persistent on that matter.

    You made this day amazing for me and my sister. For that, I would like to thank you so much. I am laughing so hard right now, you should see my face. Have a great day!
    William Amis recently posted…2 Little Things That Matter!My Profile

  3. Hi Marquita! I always love stopping by your blog. You write such inspiring posts!

    I have failed more times than I can count and common theme with each was perseverance. Rather than fall down and stay down, I was determined to persevere and come out stronger on the other side.

    To me, it’s all about a commitment to growth and a willingness to see opportunity in every situation.
    Rebekah Radice recently posted…7 Google+ Tips to Create Maximum EngagementMy Profile

    • martyherald says:

      Welcome back Rebekah, and you’ve actually made a great point with your thoughtful comment because in truth, failure isn’t falling down – it’s staying down. 🙂 Thanks so much for contributing to the conversation.

  4. Anita

    Hi Marquita!

    Thanks for your post :). I have to say I know, embrace, and hold tightly to perseverance. I think it’s become my middle name, alongside joy, as I am learning to joyfully persevere. My faith helps me a great deal in this area, it helps me hold onto hope through the difficulties.
    Anita recently posted…The blessing of my gardenMy Profile

  5. Christina

    This is beautiful Marquita! Such a good point that what makes sticking with a goal worth it is trying a new approach (if the old ways aren’t working). I really enjoyed reading this.

  6. Clare says:

    Thanks for writing and sharing. I would say recently the day to day challenges and dealing with them more effectively has been really helpful to me. Some great strategies and insight here. Thanks

  7. Sarah Arrow

    I love this post! It has to be the most enjoyable read this week. I have times when I’ve persevered and not enjoyed the process. I’ve had times when I’ve given up very easily. And been incredibly frustrated that I’ve not achieved my goals – and the main thing I lacked when that happened was purpose!
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…30 Facebook Marketing with Images IdeasMy Profile

    • martyherald says:

      Welcome Sarah! Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the conversation and for letting me know you enjoyed the article. I think you’ve made an excellent point about persevering even when we don’t enjoy the process, and maybe not even the eventual outcome. Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is to admit we’re on the wrong path. Fortunately that happens less and less when one becomes clear about their purpose because it serves as a compass to keep us on track.
      martyherald recently posted…When Optimistic Thinking Isn’t EnoughMy Profile

  8. Hi Marty, Your article is just what I needed to read right now. I have been working so hard for the last several years towards my goals of building a successful online business and sometimes I feel discouraged when things don’t happen as quickly as I want them too but I continue to persevere and do something every day to make my dreams a reality. Thanks for the inspiration and fantastic advice!
    Shelley Alexander recently posted…3 Important Reasons Why You Need To Use Essential Oils for Vibrant HealthMy Profile

    • martyherald says:

      Welcome Shelley – boy can I relate to your point about wanting things to happen faster! I have come to terms with the reality that my natural rate of progression is more closely related to the tortoise than the hare, but I have so many ideas and things I want to accomplish it does get frustrating at times. But I’ll tell you what a friend of mine keeps telling me, as long as you’re moving forward, you’re right where you’re meant to be – relax and enjoy the journey. 🙂
      martyherald recently posted…When Optimistic Thinking Isn’t EnoughMy Profile

  9. Kate Lindsay says:

    Hmmm. I asked myself the questions you listed….. and it seems that I have some work still to do. I am getting better at staying focused, I think that that is because my “why” has finally found some traction. I have attached emotion to my goals and that is pretty key for me.
    Kate Lindsay recently posted…Let’s Play “What’s In My Bag?”My Profile

  10. Holly

    I’m not the best at perseverance of some things… others… I’m great at!! So I guess that I have to decide what is my purpose in doing those things that I’m not so ready to preserver on.. Your 5 points are a great start for me.. I have been working on it more lately, so i’ll just keep persevering and see what I can accomplish! Great post, Marquita!
    Holly recently posted…So How’d I Get Like This?My Profile

  11. Marquita, I love this post and the reminder of just how important persistence is. Today I had a perfect example of that. I got up early to meet my regular tennis partner, but as I got close (I live on the ocean side so I must cross over a bridge to get to the mainland) the bridge was not only up, it was stuck/broken. So I finally chose to make a uturn, backtrack and then go along Ocean Blvd to get to the next bridge. That bridge was not up so I passed easily but when I got to the tennis center there was no parking available. I drove into one section and then was blocked by cement blocks and had to make a uturn in a tight parking lot. Finally, finally I was able to find a parking spot – a long distance from the tennis courts. All of that was stressful – and I could have given up at any point. But then, when I arrived on the court, after only a few minutes of warming up I had already forgotten all about the earlier stress and was appreciating the great way we were hitting, the wonderfully sunny and warm day, and then the tasty breakfast filled with light and caring conversation. Persistence led to a positive end result.

    Warmly, Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted…How High is Your Relationship Trust Rank?My Profile

  12. We call it being resourceful and that goes a long way into each daily challenges. Everyday there is a new adventure and I have visualized it each night prior to the day break. Now, must meet a new person each day and learn basic information to get to something we have in common. Then must get to those emails and personally respond to hundreds each day. No to responses the same based on everyone is unique.

    There are lots of times I must stop and step back for a breath of air. Things will seem to be overwhelming and that is when you must keep going seeing the end result approaching. Then you can feel being one who never gives up will never fail. There is always different ways to accomplish my end results yet without being persistent each and every day I will never see what works and how it may work in a different way.

    Thank you for this active article one with so many messages and all the same end result, never give up!
    William Earl Amis, Jr. III recently posted…Mental Challenge of LeadershipMy Profile

  13. Elise Boysaw

    The will to persevere is often overlooked. So many give up after one failure or one speed bump. There is so much more in each of us than we can imagine.
    Elise Boysaw recently posted…Envy GreenMy Profile

  14. Sue Bride

    Thank you once again, Marquita, for inspiring me with your words. There are times when I feel defeated but I have learned not to let these destructive feelings take hold of me. Thankfully, I bounce back quickly.

    Self talk helps. If you keep telling yourself that you are persistent and resilient you come to believe it. Reading post like yours are also good for me.
    Sue Bride recently posted…Be Motivated to Earn OnlineMy Profile

    • martyherald says:

      Welcome Sue and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. You are so right about the power of self talk and the importance of keeping it positive.

  15. Suzie Cheel

    Love this Marquita and setting realistic expectations stood out for me. When I am passionate, have a deadline my perserverence skyrockets 🙂 Often when it is helping someone else too more than for me I have been noticing lately
    Suzie Cheel recently posted…What Stops You Shining Your Light On The World?My Profile

    • martyherald says:

      Hey Suzie so nice to see you, welcome to my new home away from home! I’m happy you enjoyed the article and knowing you as I do I am not at all surprised when you say that helping others brings you happiness. 🙂

  16. Kumar Gauraw

    Hi Marquita,
    First of all, I love your new website. What an awesome look and feel and smooth navigation!

    Speaking of this post, it is very inspiring, especially for those who struggle for survival in any endevour. Your post reminded me of the chapter from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill where he talks about the story of “Three Feet From Gold”.

    You are absolutely right. Those persevere because they have the passion, will come out winner.

    Thank you for these great thoughts and an awesome topic to think about this week.

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…Holi Wishes And Life Lessons From The Festival Of ColorsMy Profile

    • martyherald says:

      So glad you liked the article Kumar and Hill’s “Three Feet From Gold” stories is one of my all time favorites. 🙂 And thank you for your kind comments about the new site … there are a lot of plans and the look of the site will continue to evolve for a time, but I’m truly enjoying this new journey!

  17. Hi Marquita,
    This is very inspiring, especially for those who lose the will to continue, who abandon their pursuit before they accomplish their goal. You are very right, those who value the power of perseverance are self motivated and so it is very important to cultivate this trait.

    Some are born with perseverance…they stay focussed and never rest till they climb up all the bars of the ladder of success. Thanks for celebrating the power of this quality.
    Balroop Singh recently posted…Are We Really Selfish Or Just Branded So?My Profile

    • martyherald says:

      Thanks for contributing to the conversation Balroop. One of the reasons I encourage reading stories about other people who have overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams is to learn first hand that everyone struggles with the same issues and insecurities. Yes, some are inherently more resilient, but even the most confident among us suffer moments of doubt. According to research studies having a purpose larger than self is the key. It’s SO much easier to stay the course when you have a reason to get out of bed in the morning that you’re passionate about.

  18. Hi Marquita,
    Very good post. I still have problems with focus sometimes but doing better with it. Your 5 strategies of habit are right on target.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a good evening. Monna
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…3 Creative Writing Tools Online Just For You…My Profile

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