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The visual inspirations featured in The Resilient Living Shop are designed as personal declarations that you accept the power you have to create the quality and course of your own life journey.

I’ve intentionally used a simple, timeless look for most of my designs so that they will complement any décor or color scheme. You can customize the size and quality of stock, and in some cases change the color. Add a classic frame and you have an eye-catching addition to your home or office.

For your convenience, following is a brief overview of the Collections currently available at The Shop.


The Collections


Resilient Living



Highly resilient people have a greater sense of control over the quality of their own life, tend to be healthier and live longer, are more successful in school and work, are happier in relationships and are less prone to depression.

Emotional resilience isn’t an umbrella to be stored in the closet for a rainy day, it is a lifestyle choice.

And the good news is that anyone can make the choice to increase their capacity for resilience. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that this poster has become my best seller because it is so much more than words on a background, it is a powerful declaration that your will and determination have empowered you and that no matter what challenges life happens to send your way you will come through it stronger than ever!

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One Word Manifesto

One Word Manifesto Collection

A personal manifesto is a declaration of your beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. It is a way of bringing clarity and focus to your life and something to fall back on in moments of doubt and uncertainty.

Many people choose a theme or word to guide them while pursuing an important goal, undertaking a major transition, or as they head into a New Year, but then, like so many Resolutions, they are soon forgotten. As the old saying goes, out of sight out of mind.


A word means nothing unless you have an emotional connection to it. When you can clearly envision the life you desire to create it will benefit you physically, emotionally and professionally.

The beautiful thing about life is that it’s never too late to create a vision for the future because we are never truly done – unless we choose to be.

Keep your word or theme in a highly visible location so that it remains in your conscious and connected to the choices you make and actions you take every single day.

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The beautiful thing about life is that it’s never too late to create a vision for the future because we are never truly done – unless we choose to be.




Motivation is that driving force that pushes you to do and be your best in life. While external support is comforting, there isn’t always going to be someone around who understands your journey or who can say the words you need to hear most.

The right quotation can have an amazing effect, providing the fuel to keep you going and serving as a beacon to keep you focused.


Whether you’re a tea or coffee lover like me, chances are you have a favorite mug. Big or small, it’s the one we use over and over again, and if it has a meaningful slogan or quotation all the better!

Like other designs in the collection, I’ve gone with a classic look here because it reminds me of the countless coffee shops and truck stops I’ve known and loved over the years during road trips crisscrossing the country.

But if you prefer something a little more stylish or if you’d like to add a highlight color, it’s as easy as clicking on an alternative design to change it to suit your taste.

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Self Care


For many, if not most, practicing self-care equates to exercising one of a variety of self-pampering activities reserved for the rare self-indulgence or to soothe frayed nerves.

Authentic self-care is much more.

It is about creating a healthy balance between your physical, spiritual, emotional, social and psychological well-being. It includes such skills and behaviors as managing your emotions, setting healthy personal boundaries, making the most of your time and energy, getting adequate rest, exercise and healthy nutrition.

Self-care isn’t a quick fix, it is a lifestyle choice.

But let’s be honest, theory isn’t the real issue, it’s the practical application. We opt for shortcuts because it’s easier to justify taking time for ourselves.

As traditional caretakers, women, in particular, are vulnerable to feelings of guilt and selfishness when attempting to establish healthy boundaries or set aside quality “me” time for self-nurturing. The notes and sayings in this collection serve as a gentle reminder that you deserve a place on your list of priorities.

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Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds Collection

I was a loyal Zazzle shopper and designer for over a decade before I finally took the leap and opened my own store. I love inspiring and encouraging others and the level of creativity here never ceases to amaze me. The fact that so many products can be customized is an added bonus!

Since I consider this my first stop to shop for those who matter most to me, I designed this collection to showcase and share some of my favorite finds with you.

Please check back from time to time because I’ll keep adding new finds to the collection.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about The Resilient Living Shop. I must be honest, creating these inspirational images is a labor of love for me. It’s a small collection now, but I have many more designs in the works and I plan to add t-shirts, totes and a few other surprises along the way.

I hope you will check back periodically, or you can join our ERL Community where I’ll be providing periodic updates when new products become available!



The Resilient Living Shop


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